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The trustworthy cleaning service to ensure a 100% bond money refund

Full Bond Clean is a reliable partner who will assist you in cleaning your domestic or commercial property at the full refund of lease or bond money. Our Company ensures the best cleaning services of the property according to the approved checklist. The team working at our company is highly experienced at their work and they know about the detailing that goes into the final inspection of a rented property. As the leading name for Bond Cleaning Brisbane, we are available to cover all the suburbs along with the city. This is the place for cheap bond cleaning Brisbane service, with ZERO compromises on the quality!

It is a known fact that landlords and real estate agents can be picky in the final inspection of the property before finalizing the return of bond money. Full Bond Cleaning Brisbane services follow the customer-centric approach that guarantees cleaning with the highest standards in all the relevant locations. Leave the property cleaning to us and worry about other aspects of shifting or moving to a new place! Call us now on 0451895677 or drop us an email at


Bond Cleaning is one of the most demanded cleaning services in Brisbane city. We, Full Bond Clean have been in the business for over several years. We understand the requirement of every client and we are determined to get the bond money back. The most important part of bond cleaning is to fulfill the landowner’s demands of cleaning standards. Our aim is to recover your bond money by ensuring the total cleaning of your rented property. Reach us today at the helpline number to get a bond Cleaners Brisbane quote that suits your requirement. Being the Top choice for Bond Cleaning Brisbane, we also focus on non-toxic, and biodegradable cleaning agents that do not cause any harm or pollution in the environment. The major emphasis of our company is on the minimum production of water and electricity wastage during clean-ups. That’s why Bond Cleaning Brisbane services at Full Bond Clean.

Notable Features of the Bond Cleaning Service

  • Experienced Cleaners

    We only have reliable and experienced professionals in our rank to ensure smooth cleaning of the property. All our cleaning associates are fully ensured and highly trained in their field of expertise such as cleaning all the surfaces and making the area spotless and germ-free. All our professionals are trained well for residential and commercial property cleaning. So, Full Bond Clean assured best Bond Cleaning Brisbane.

  • Latest Tools

    We are using all the latest tools and better conventional techniques for the best cleaning Brisbane. The reliance on technology ensures that not a single spot is left untreated in the property.

  • Fast and Efficient Service

    Time is money and thus, Full Bond Clean’s team successfully works and completes the task without any delay. So, for this, we use all our experiences and best techniques to provide an unparalleled bond cleaning Brisbane service.

Areas We Cover in Bond Clean Brisbane Service

Full Bond Clean takes pride in offering the Best Bond Cleaners Services to all in Brisbane and the suburban areas. You can hire us now as the cleaner for bond cleaning Brisbane and save your money at any time of the year. Moreover, we are also known for supplying cleaning products, vacuums, equipment, and tools to make the property look in its best condition. The job of our expert team is to make easy possible ways of domestic and commercial property cleaning in Brisbane in the best possible manner. Give us a call on 0478286100 if you want to know whether the cleaning service is available outside the below-mentioned areas –

Cleaning Checklist of Bond Cleaning Brisbane Northside Service

We aim at providing Safe Bond Cleaning Brisbane at a cheaper amount to satisfy the landlord or real estate agent. Our bond cleaners ensure that every area is covered in the bond cleaning checklist. Our Bond Cleaning Service Consists of –

  • Vacuum floors, carpets, tracks, sliding doors, and windows.
  • Clean fans, air conditioners, light fittings, skirting, door, drawer, standard blinds, cords, and rails.
  • Spot clean walls, floors, doors, and every corner as needed.
  • Clean kitchen interiors & installations like a stove-top, rings, knobs, griller, sinks, drain holes, and exhaust.
  • Clean both sides of cupboards & drawers, shower recess, bath, sink, taps, towel rails, mirrors, floors, windows, and exhaust fans.
  • Cleaning of the laundry room, behind the washing machine, walls, tracks, floors, equipment, laundry tub, shelves, drawers, and tapware.
  • Remove cobwebs, sweep the floor, vacuum all the dirt from the garage.

According to the requirements of our clients, we customize and set our cleaning services. Thus, this helps in getting the exact service you want. We only charge the amount for the services you ask for the particular property. Competitive pricing of the services is being charged by us. So, get in touch with us now for the bond cleaning Brisbane.


Things To Be Considered While Hiring Bond Cleaners

Hiring a bond cleaner can be a hectic task and it can be time-consuming. But we are here with the list of things to be considered while hiring professional help, such as –

  1. Research about the bond cleaning companies in the market and the services they are offering.
  2. You can also consult your real estate agents for any recommendations.
  3. Compare the list and reviews of the top bond cleaners in Brisbane.

It is very important to have an expert help while cleaning up the apartment nowadays. As the data suggested, 3 out of 5 renters are not able to get all the bond money back. So, it is quite disheartening of not to have the full bond money back after so much time and hardship.

Our Bond Cleaning Brisbane Prices

Here is the list of Full Bond clean prices for the customers. All the prices are inclusive of all taxes. But for end-of-lease cleaning & bond cleaning, Brisbane prices for an apartment vary from $310 to $450. Here is the property wise price for bond clean.

  1. For a studio flat, the time taken for cleaning is around 3.5 to 4 hours and the cost starts from $199.
  2. If you have a 1 bedroom property then it takes around 5 hours of labor work and the cost starts from $250.
  3. For 2 bedrooms property, the time required for the labor work is around 6 hours and the cost starts from $290.
  4. If you have 3 bedrooms property then it takes 7 hours of labor work and the price starts from $350.
  5. For 4 Bedroom properties, it required a good amount of time of 9 hours for labor work, and the cost starts from $450.
  6. 5 bedroom properties also require a good amount of time for labor work approx 12 hours and the price starts from $600.
  7. For 5+ bedrooms properties, 14 hours of labor work is required and the cost starts from $700.
  8. If you have extra rooms, extra bathroom, tiles cleaning, wall washing, etc then the cost depends on the work hours required by the laborers.

Note: All the costs for bond clean are negotiable it depends on the property and time required. Also, the prices include taxes and the cleaning items required (soap, detergent), etc.

Important Faqs On Bond Cleaner Services

Q 1.) How much is a bond cleaning Brisbane?

Ans 1.) Well, it totally depends on the area and property size. On average, it cost around $279to $430 for 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms type properties. It includes all the necessary cleaning included in the bond.

Q 2.) What does a Bond Clean Include?

Ans 2.) A bond clean includes the cleaning and vacuum or mop floors, kitchen, and ovens, steam carpet cleans, window cleaning, bathroom & shower cleaning, and kitchen and oven cleaning.

Q 3.) Is Bond Clean Required?

Ans 3.) Yes, definitely it is a requirement because in standard rental contracts bond cleaning is a mandatory part for the tenants. It also secures security deposits and bonds. However, it has been seen in most of the cases that the tenant do the cleaning part by themselves only. But we recommend bond clean for the best hygiene.

Q 4.) How much does the bond cleaner charge per hour?

Ans 4.) As per our knowledge, the average hourly bond cleaning cost varies from $40 to $60. However, the prices are negotiable that can be finalized during the work contract.

Q 5.) Does Full Bond Clean provide services on Weekends?

Ans 5.) Yes, we also provide bond clean services on both weekdays and weekends.

Q 6.) Do We Need to leave or vacant the whole area for bond cleaning?

Ans 6.) According to our personal experience, the chances of getting effective cleaning increased if you leave the property for the working hours required.

Q 7.)  Do the cleaners require electricity for bond cleaning?

Ans 7.) Yes, the team requires electricity for carpet steam cleaning and vacuum cleaner.

Q 8.) What is included in a Bond Clean Brisbane Northside?

Ans 8.) Usually, bond clean Brisbane northside includes carpet vacuum, floor moping, a dusting of hardware and furniture, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, oven cleaning, window washing.

Q 9.) How Long Does Bond Cleaning Take?

Ans 9.) The standard clean takes around 4 to 6 hours. But the Brisbane bond cleaners packages vary as per workload and requirements.

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