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Office Cleaning Brisbane – You might not know but your average office desk can be 100 times less hygienic than your kitchen slab and 400 times nastier than your toilet seat. The unhygienic surroundings at your office might be a breeding ground for several illness-causing germs. A sick workplace might affect the health of the staff members, clients, and might even cause inefficiency in business. So, a clean workplace is essential not only for reducing the spread of sickness; but also improves the professional image and productivity. So, if you are the search for the leading company for Office Cleaning Brisbane, then this is the right place for you all.

Full Bond Clean believes that the success of our company totally depends on the services that we provide to our clients in Brisbane. You can contact us for the office cleaning services in Brisbane in all the areas near Brisbane. We are here to give satisfactory services for commercial office cleaning for any type of business. We are focusing on all the health and safety measures and regulations to ensure a better working environment at the offices in Brisbane. Our professionals are giving full services in wide commercial establishments. So, to connect with the most reputed agency in Brisbane, call us now on 0451895677 or drop us an email at


Full Bond Clean has a team of well-trained and skilled office cleaning professionals who will take care of your office cleaning and help you in improving your business surroundings from the inside out. We try our level best to be your one-stop solution for cleaning the offices in Brisbane. Our cleaners are aware of the fact that no two businesses are the same, so, you will be provided with all the personalized and comprehensive cleaning services, as per your needs. Here are the personalized office cleaning services provided by our team –

  • Daily or the scheduled practice of clean the office, kitchen, desk, and workspaces.
  • General carpet & tile cleaning
  • High pressure clean
  • Cleaning of Toilets and other Amenities
  • Building frontage and exterior path clean
  • Window cleaning
  • End of lease cleaning services
  • Carpet Clean
  • Programmed Maintenance Service
  • Gardening and Landscaping
  • Emergency Service Clean Ups
  • Stone & Tiled Flooring
  • Graffiti clean
  • Upholstery clean
  • Strip and Seal
  • Miscellaneous

Features of Our Office Cleaning Service Brisbane

Here are the features of our company that makes the right choice for Office Cleaning in Brisbane –

  • Experienced Office Cleaners
  • Economical and Reasonable Office Cleaning Activities
  • Use of Eco-friendly Detergents
  • 24*7 Commercial clean Activities as per your Requirements
  • Customized Office Cleaning solutions

What Are Our Cleaning Services Includes for offices and commercial spaces?

For reception, entry, and main customer waiting area we provide following

  • Glasses doors clean, cleanof internal glass, etc.
  • A dusting of rails, Screen racks, and other wall fittings.
  • We are also providing the dusting and cleaning of all the office tables and chairs.
  • Removing and clean of fingerprints and marks from the doors, tables, glass notice boards, switches, etc.
  • Cobweb removing.
  • Cleaning of staircases, ACs, air vents, etc.

Cleaning of Toilets, Offices, common rooms & Directors rooms includes following

  • Disinfecting and clean the toilet seats, wash basis, toilet tiles, urinals, handles, etc.
  • Floor washing and odor management.
  • Pipes cleaning, toilet doors cleaning.
  • Mirror cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Cleaning of director room includes table clean, disinfecting the toilets properly. Wiping of all the office furniture including side tables and chairs.
  • Dusting and cleaning of whiteboards, projector, window ledges, etc.
  • Cleaning of the floor.

Kitchen Area & Dining Area Cleaning

  • Cleaning of Sinks, cupboards, benchtops, etc.
  • Disinfecting and cleaning drains.
  • Complete refrigerator, microwave oven, water filter, chimney cleaning.
  • Surface cleaning & Wiping.

Why Choose Full Bond Clean for Office Cleaning Brisbane?

Being the most specialized premium company, we are helping our thousands of Australian clients for cleaning services in all categories. Here are a few points that will help you to make your decision for choosing our company of office cleaning easier –

  • 100% Australian-owned
  • Available 24*7
  • Customized office cleaning solutions
  • Budget-friendly prices
  • Personalized client manager
  • Experienced, fully trained cleaners
  • Premium equipment and proper cleaning products
  • Fully insured
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Our Responsibilities Towards the Environment

At full Bond Clean, we make sure that our cleaners follow all their environmental responsibilities. Thus, our company is not using any kind of toxic cleaning agents to help in minimizing the wastes and promote recycling of paper, plastic, cupboards, glass, etc. at every stage. Strict the standard for office cleaning is being followed by our company. So, if you are looking for the health and safety of your staff then you must contact us for assured cleaning services.

Our Office Cleaning Brisbane Prices

We are known for providing affordable rates for commercial cleaning. Here are the prices

  1. If you want one-off cleaning then the price starts from $60.
  2. For regular and normal cleaning of office, the price starts from $50

Note: On average the Office cleaning starts from $150. The maximum range can’t be specified because it depends on the total area of the office where cleaning required. So after enquiring about the things we can give the exact cost.

Contact us on 0451895677 to get a cleaning quote and create a customized checklist

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